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Song for Jacqueline

Stephan Arratoon - (Music and lyrics

How long has it been
Since I last saw you?
You live so very young
In my memory.
Not a day passes by
When I don’t think of you.
And I wait here at the Café Isadora
On the thirty first day

We used to sit together
Round this table
Talk of life and love and liberty
Now when someone asks
Is that chair taken?
I say no, although
My heart would disagree

Your picture traps a smile
That shows you happy
It cannot show your baby
That was on the way
To be alive in that first dawn
Was very heaven
But they came for you on the night
Of the thirty first day

The snows on the volcano have melted
And life must go on so they say
The street dog on the corner
Feeds her puppies
And I wait here at the Café Isadora
On the thirty first day

We tried to find the place
You were imprisoned
Interrogators’ faces torn with hate
The police said we have no information
There’s a curfew on
So don’t be out so late

Now there’s a big new shopping complex
Filled with nice things
The future tells the past to go away
A mother calls out for her children
But the people sip their Pepsi-Cola
And look away

The calm green lakes are sleeping in the Mountains shadow
The sun and wind on the water
Paint a picture of the day
The street dog on the corner feeds her puppies
as I wait here at the café Isadora on the 31st day

Now the snows upon the mountain
Are melted
And life must go on
So they say
But we cannot have peace
Without justice

There’s a meeting at the
café Isadora
On the 31st day.


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